We can accomplish so many things by working together as a team. The Choluteca ministry team working in Choluteca involves regional church members, pastors, and missionaries. It also includes everyone who is willing to come alongside us to "champion" the cause of loving our neighbor and working towards transforming the region. By working together, in developing synergy, we can do more than just the sum of our individual efforts. Besides, it's a whole lot more fun sharing the work and celebrating the outcome together. 

Churches, work teams, university students and individuals have all worked jointly with our regional team to have a lasting impact on the people of southern Honduras. We don't expect anything in return for our investment, but more often than not, the people of Choluteca have impacted us much more than we have impacted them.

World Gospel Mission in Choluteca, Honduras began operating the vocational school in 2006. Since then hundreds of students have gotten an education in our different areas of welding, refrigeration, auto mechanics, sewing, baking, and computer repair. All of our students take Bible classes at the school. We focus on helping the disadvantaged youth in the region. Only 31.7% of the Honduras youth between the ages of 15-17 are studying. It is urgent to help them get an education. Most of our students would not have any other opportunity to study.

We depend on donations to help us operate the school and obtain new equipment. The students pay a minimal fee that does not cover the cost of their education. We appreciate your help in any way possible. Donations may be made through World Gospel Mission's secure online giving (Button in the Navigation bar above).

Remodel Shop Buiding-Accomplished

Sports Court  $6,900.00 to build a multi-purpose sports court      
Home Economics Building Accomplished
Scholarships  $1000.00/year/student (Any amount may be given.)
Projectors  $682.00  
Auto Lift- Accomplished
Computers  $470.00  (each) We need 25 computers.  
Classroom Desks  $25.00 (each)  We need 50 new desks.     
Chairs 28.00 (each) We need 66 new chairs.     
File Cabinet $200.00 (each) Two file cabinets are needed.  
Room Air Conditional   $640.00  We need a new mini-split airconditioner for the new Home Economics classroom.